Wallpaper Rich Media


Guidelines and Dimensions for Wallpaper Ad Units
All wallpaper files should be 1920x1200px in resolution. If the design needs customization for different resolutions, each file should be 1920×1200 with the content fit to the smaller resolution within.

  • wallpaper.jpg (Content within 1440×900) *Default for anything not matching the resolutions below*
  • wallpaper_1280.jpg (Content within 1280×800)
  • wallpaper_1366.jpg (Content within 1366×768)
  • wallpaper_1440.jpg (Content within1 440×900)
  • wallpaper_1920.jpg ( 1920×1200)

Maximum File Size: 120 kb per file.

Companion ad units can include click-through to a client URL, however the wallpaper ad unit itself is not clickable. The intent of the wallpaper is to bring a client’s brand and environmental elements to the visual forefront of a page within a 24 hour period.

** Supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 10+ browsers. **

Wallpaper Design

The wallpaper ad opportunity provides additional branding space on a page. The sponsor’s creative content wallpapers or layers over the current site background to add branding elements that frame in the page content.

Wallpaper should serve as a “hint” at the brand, further strengthening the intended messaging, and drive user engagement through its accompanying companion ads. The overall design should be environmental and intended to support companion ads.

In order to remain environmental, only the accompanying companion ads should contain a call to action.


  • Design must have a 1000px blank center behind site content
  • Companion 300×250 and static 1000×45 – in conjunction with the wallpaper – will increase visibility and campaign effectiveness
  • The companion ads should carry the primary message, and click-through URL
  • Wallpapers cannot contain animation due to potential file bloating and increased load time of the host page; however the 300×250 companion may include animation (or static).
  • Logos can be included but are not required on the wallpaper ad
  • Design must be easily identifiable as part of the overall advertising campaign


Featured content must be aligned to the borders (122px wide with an 8px buffer from edge of content body); Content may extend further for better experience for users on widescreen, high-resolution monitors.


Text Usage:

To ease user confusion with regards to where they should be interacting with a wallpaper package, the use of text in the wallpaper design is discouraged. However, due to the intended purpose of particular campaigns, text may be an essential element to the overall aesthetic and message. Within these circumstances, text can be included if adhering to the following requirements:


  • Messaging must be branding-focused (i.e. Taglines, Product description, Sale Name)
  • Verbiage must be under 7 words. Heavy verbiage on large ad units (such as wallpaper) can directly compete with content on a page and could potentially lead to a poor user experience. Copy should be clear and concise
  • Companion ads are meant to support the wallpaper by carrying the primary message and any call-to- actions. As previously noted, any call-to-action cannot be included on the wallpaper (i.e. “Buy Now” or “Click Here”)
  • Logos should have the highest visual weight, and text placement must be non-intrusive and cannot compete with site content
  • Text-only logos should be consistent with client’s brand

Here are a few examples of acceptable layouts.

Environmental Wallpaper – No Logo


Environmental Wallpaper With Logo


Wallpaper with Logo and Branding Text


Text Only Wallpaper with Logo and Branding



Special Instructions:

Please provide jpg or gif prior to Rich Media framework packaging to ensure proper fitting within the guidelines and layout specifications for optimal visibility within the context of site pages.


You may request a Photoshop template and from your Sr. Designer instructions upon sale.