Video Landing Page Guidelines

Standard or Flash Display Placements

  • Two (2) 300×250 placements
  • One (1) 728×90 placement

Static Placements

  • One (1) 638×60 placement

88×31 Sponsorships

  • Three (3) 88×31 sponsorships max at one time
  • Only the following modules are eligible: ENT, HAM1 (Abstract & Thumbnail), DWHAM (only on Weather and Video pages)
  • 88×31 may not display in HAM1 Headline configuration, IMAGES, MP1, MP4
  • 88×31 must be long-term sponsorships

Special Notes

  • The header graphic for weather landing pages may be changed to reflect a sponsorship but will not be clickable or trackable
  • The logo shall be comprised of the words “sponsored by” + Sponsor Logo only with transparent background
  • Recommended logo max size: 100×31
  • The header graphic with sponsorship logo are subject for review
  • The promo box is for station brand promotion only