Standard & Flash Display Specifications

NOTE:  Gif animation is allowed but should be avoided due to the propensity for file bloat

Flash Creative Specifications

Version Compatibility: Flash ads must be backwards compatible to Flash 10.0 or lower.
Backup Image: All Flash ads must have an accompanying no-Flash display ad (.jpg or .gif) for users that do not have the Flash plug-in installed or have it disabled.
Resting Frame: Advertiser needs to be clearly identified within the last frame of the Flash Animation, as this will be the “resting” frame that users will view. If there is no advertiser representation, LIN Media reserves the right to:

– Reject the Flash creative until advertiser is clearly identified in final frame

– Accept the Flash creative with no advertiser identified in the final frame, however due to the context of the final frame – is acceptable or will not mislead users without such representation.

Advertiser identification is included in the final frame
Frame Rate: Must be no more than 24 fps.
Animation Maximums: 20 seconds or 3 loops (whichever is less) – ads may not contain continuous animation of any kind including background elements or text.
NOTE: Animation maximums also apply to animated gifs.
Expandable Rich Media: Non-traditional Flash such as overlays, push-downs, in-Flash video, etc.
Audio/Video: Non-user-initiated audio is not allowed. For use of in-banner video, refer to the Rich Media guidelines and specifications for rules governing use of video in non-pre-roll advertising.
Use of clickTag: Author of the Flash must assign a clickTag variable using a getURL button action with target assigned as _blank to open a new window upon user click.

Standard & Flash Display Overview

Dimensions Flash Allowed Max File Size (Image) Max File Size (Flash*)
300×250 Yes 40k 40k
300×100 Yes 40k 40k
728×90 Yes 40k 40k
160×600 Yes 40k 80k
300×600 Yes 40k 80k
638×60 No 40k NA
320×40 No 40k NA
88×31 No 10k NA
50×25 No 10k NA

* Not all Flash is classified as Rich Media. Rich Media means non-traditional Flash such as overlays, push-downs, in-Flash video, etc.  When creating normal animated Flash files locally, Max File Size (Flash) must be used.  Initial, polite and total file sizes are only applicable for Rich Media which requires packaging within a Rich Media framework such as Google Rich Media, Pointroll, etc.


Special Rules for Select Standard Display Ads

88×31 Sponsorships

  • 88×31 must consist only of a logo on a transparent or white background
  • Logos may not carry any animation
  • Because these are intended to be long-term sponsorships, LIN New Media reserves the right to require design changes before sponsorships are scheduled for production

50×25 Leave Behind Ads

  • 50×25 must consist only of a logo on a transparent or white background
  • Logos may not carry any animation