Mobile Display Specifications

Overview – Mobile Display

The following specifications and guidelines are provided by our mobile platform provider.

Name Dimensions Max File Size File Types Accepted
iPhone / Android 320×50 19k jpg, png, gif
iPad 728×90 40k jpg, png, gif


Additionally,  display ads with white or light  backgrounds must have a minimum 1px border with the color assigned to #dadada to clearly distinguish itself as advertising.

The call to action text under each banner can be up to 16 characters, including spaces and special characters.  This text also links to the advertiser’s landing page. Clients should select one of the following types of landing pages and adhere to the corresponding guidelines.


NewsTouch Mobile Pre Roll

Specs & Guidelines

Video Size: 720×480 or 640×480

Aspect Ratio: 4:3 is strongly recommended – 16:9 will be accepted

Video Compression:  MPEG-4 (MP4)

Video File Type:  MP4

Codec:  H.264

Video Max File Size:  2.2 MB Max

Video Bit Rate: WiFi – 400kbps; Cell – 150kbps

Video Frame Rate:  30 fps

Audio Initiated Audio Rate:  48 kbits/s

Version Compatibility: Markets will be responsible for file conversion and must supply a URL to the MP4 file once it’s been uploaded.Eg.
Maximum Spot Length: 15 seconds

3rd Party Tags:  N/A at this time; Only DFP-hosted Linear VAST creatives are compatible across mobile devices

Companions Ads: N/A at this time

Ad Op’s Turnaround Time: Standard 3 Days


NewsTouch HomePage Prestitial Opportunities

General Guidelines

This is a homepage opportunity only. The Prestitial will be frequency capped at 1 impression every 3 hours per user.

Any iPad opportunity MUST include both Portrait and Landscape sizes to ensure the client is getting full benefits  of this opportunity.

The Video Prestitial “Ad Title” should be Advertiser Name only.

Image Specifications

  • Smartphone Apps – 320×480
  • Tablet Apps – 1024×768, 768×1024
  • Acceptable File Types – JPG, PNG, GIF (non-animated)
  • Maximum File Sizes:
    Smartphone Apps – 320×480 – 40kb max
    Tablet Apps – 1024×768, 768×1024 – 80kb max
  • Auto-close is required and will be set to 10 seconds
  • No 1px border is required
  • Asset minimum resolution should 600x400px or larger

Video Specifications

  • Acceptable File Types for Video – MP4, m4v
  • Maximum File Size for Video – Up to 4 MB
  • Acceptable Video Length: 15 or 30 seconds
  • The client video should be transcoded at a 640×480 dimension to ensure quality across all mobile platforms, however, 400×300 is the min requirement
  • Aspect Ratio should be set to 4:3 or 16:9


Standard Landing Page Types

Below are the standard landing page types offered by the mobile platform provider for advertisers.  Clients may also choose to link their banner ad directly to their own mobile website. This does not require creation of a landing page in the mobile platform’s ad system. It is recommended that advertising clients use either a standard landing page from the options below (free), hire a local mobile web designer to build a mobile website or use online tools to create a mobile website.