In-Banner Video

NOTE:  In-Banner Video is also commonly known as In-Flash Video.


  • In-Flash Video may not just be the canvas of a pre-roll placed in a 300×250 ad space – it must be framed within the context of an ad and related offer
  • Video must be streamed in via a Rich Media framework to preserve file size rather than being included as part of the swf file
  • There is no explicit limit on video length for user-initiated actions (click and rollover)
  • Video length for non-autoplay level of buy must be negotiated and reviewed
  • 30 second maximum video length for auto-play
  • Multiple videos are allowed – up to 4 videos maximum
  • Available on 300×250, 300×600, Pencil, Billboard, Expandables, and Pushdowns
  • ** Supported on all browsers. A static backup will serve if Flash is disabled on a user’s browser. **

Video File

  • Preferred file types: .mp4, .mov, .flv
  • Max file size: 1.3MB for each video
  • Video Size: 300px width max

Rich Media Display Overview

Dimensions / Type Max Initial File Size Max Polite File Size Max Total File Size
300×250 40k 80k 120k
728×90 40k 80k 120k
160×600 80k 160k 240k
300×600 80k 160k 240k
Rich Media Ads 80k 160k 240k

NOTE:  In-Banner Video is not allowed in the Wallpaper, 638×60, 320×40, 120×90, 88×31 or 50×25 ad sizes.

Guidelines for in Banner Video Ads with Animation

  • Total animation time: 20 second max
  • Video Length: 30 second max
  • Video File: 1.3MB Max
  • Animation cannot run while video is loaded.
  • Animation can only be loaded in different instances if total maximum time is under 20 seconds.
  • Polite Loaded is required for in banner video ads.