The IAB Billboard unit is a unique 970×250 ad unit that remains fully expanded until collapsed by the user. The added benefit of this unit is that it does not automatically collapse like Pencil units. If collapsed, the ad space is reduced to 130×30 button with a link that can allow the user to re-expand the ad at any time. “Love it or leave it” value exchange with viewer. If they don’t love the large creative, they can close it.

** Supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 10/11 browsers. If a user’s browser does not have Flash activated it will serve static backups. **


  • Dimensions: 970×250 Expanded 88 X 30 px or 196 x 30 px Collapsed
  • Static Backup: 1000x30px
  • Format: Rich Media – Standard Flash or HTML5
  • Frame Rate: Up to 24 fps
  • Behavior: Ad should automatically expand on page load and retract after 10 seconds if no user interaction occurs
  • Max initial file size: 60 kb
  • Max polite file size: 60 kb
  • Max total file size: 100 kb
  • Max static file size: 30kb
  • Special instructions: The z-index should be set to 0 so the navigation drop downs that appear above the billboard ad on LIN sites are accessible and expand over the billboard ad.

Design Notes

  • Collapsed state should be “show ad” button or it can be a static logo with “Expand Ad” or “Open Ad”
  • Messaging outside of the logo should not be included in the collapsed state of the billboard.
  • Expanded cannot be a video that fills up the full frame.

Load Requirements

  • Initial Load Size: Up to 50 Kb (must be a .SWF file, can be static image, with a “Close Ad X” button)
  • Subsequent Polite Load Size: Up to 1MB which includes any additional animation, autoplay, and/or call to action dynamic flash.
  • User-initiated Load Size: Up to 1.5 MB for SWFs (animation/interaction) and 10 MB for Non YouTube served FLVs (video).
  • Total file size: The combined size for both FLVs and SWFs must not exceed 10MB. Max 1.5 MB for SWFs is included in the 10MB max.
  • Video Load Method: All videos must be progressive load. Cannot be streaming.
  • CPU Usage: Units containing Flash must not exceed 40% of a user’s CPU.
  • Any Flash Animation cannot exceed 3 loops or a max length of 20 seconds.


  • Border and iFrame: Must stay within iFrame and have complete border.
  • Ad Mouseover Policy: No audio, video, or action may be initiated on mouseover. The cursor may not be altered in any way within the unit.
  • Clickable Policy: Clickable areas within the ad can have mouse over animation of a duration no greater than 2 seconds.
  • Special Design Features: “Close Ad X” button is required on the top right corner and will either be directly built-in or provided by Rich Media Vendor. “Close Ad X” button must have a 5 pixel padding from top top and right sides of Billboard unit.
  • Backup Image: Backup image is recommended and does not require a close button.


  • Autoplay Animation/Video: 15 second preferred and 30 seconds video length max
  • 4 Videos Max
  • On-load Audio: No sound.
  • User-initiated Video: Can include “Click to Continue”, “Click to Play”, or “Replay” buttons.
  • Must Include: Progress bar, play/pause/stop button, mute/unmute button.
  • Actions on User Click: Once Pause or Stop is clicked, there should be zero animation or video. All sound and animation should stop upon exit click.
  • Animation is not allowed on the leave-behind “Show Ad” button.

Additional Details and Recommendations

  • “Close Ad X” button will collapse 100% of the Billboard and leave a “Show Ad” button that will redisplay the ad on user click.
  • When a user clicks “Close Ad X”, the ad will disappear, page content will push up, and a “Show Ad” button will remain.
  • When a user clicks “Show Ad” or the branded “Show Ad” button, the ad will reappear, page content will push back down, and a “Close Ad X” button will appear on the Billboard.
  • Cannot mimic any Site experience, pages, designs, graphics, or logos without prior approval.
  • Recommend any video to be 16:9 aspect ratio and take up major unit on load.
  • Recommend highly interactive creative that can employ multiple videos and tabs.
  • If video is included, recommend 30 seconds to abide by the load limits.

Approved Placements

  • Homepage
  • Weather landing page
  • News landing page
  • At this time the placements above cannot be combined for a single campaign. Only one placement is allowed per campaign.
  • Only one Billboard campaign is allowed per day.
  • Two Billboard campaigns are allowed per week, exceptions require approval.
  • Billboards cannot be combined with Wallpaper or Pencil ad campaigns.

Frequency Capping

  • Because the Billboard unit can be easily closed by a user via a clearly visible “Close Ad X” located on the ad, there is no frequency cap at this time.

Important Notes

  • Any 3rd party supplied tags for a Billboard unit must be thoroughly tested by LIN Corp Ad Ops prior to any launch. LIN Media reserves the right to reject or pause any 3rd party tags for the Billboard unit until the creative meets LIN guidelines and has been approved by LIN Corp Ad Ops.
  • The z-index should be set appropriately so the navigation drop downs that appear above the Billboard ad on LIN sites are accessible and expand over the Billboard.

Turnaround Times

  • Turnaround time for standard Rich Media display ads is 5-7 business days.
  • Any submissions received after 3:00 pm ET will be considered received the next business day.